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jack_daily's Journal

Daily Jack Davenport Visuals
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A daily (more or less) offering of Jack Davenport pictures. All members are free to post, but the community owner will make sure at least one new picture of Jack is posted mostly every day.

Please note:

a) Aside from the occasional admin post, ALL POSTS MUST CONTAIN AT LEAST ONE IMAGE. Furthermore, the purpose of the post must be the picture itself, not a OT entry "made legal" by tacking on a picture. You may however link to private posts containing more images, providing that you do post at least one image to your post to this community.

b) If your post contains more than one picture, please use an <lj-cut> after the first one. You do not need to cut away for one single picture, unless it's extremely big.

c) Pictures may include caps, but make sure you DO NOT POST IMAGES THAT CONTAIN SPOILERS, unless they are behind an lj-cut and clearly labelled.

d) The community is set to "moderated", which means all posts need to be approved by the owner before appearing on the community. This will ensure that the above guidelines are carried through. Also, to make sure we have pictures roughly every day, I'll be releasing one post a day. So don't worry if you submit one and it doesn't show up right away. It's in the queue.

Thank you and enjoy!